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The team at CPCS are committed to innovating, developing, disseminating and evaluating training and interventions that make a difference to children's and families' lives. The Family Partnership Model, Empowering Parents Empowering Communities and the Helping Families Programme all have a sound theoretical base, are evidence based and impact positively on individual parents, children, practitioners, schools and services across the UK and internationally. Discover More ›

Empowering Parents Empowering Communities (EPEC)

EPEC has developed an exciting programme that trains and supports local parents in a highly effective 8-week community parenting programme- ‘Being a Parent’. Parent facilitators run groups in schools and children's centres.

Family Partnership Model (FPM)

FPM is an innovative approach based upon an explicit model of the helping process that demonstrates how specific helper qualities and skills, when used in partnership, enable parents and families to overcome their difficulties, build strengths and resilience and fulfil their goals more effectively.

The Helping Families Programme (HFP)

HFP is an innovative parenting programme for multi-stressed parents with a primary-school-aged child with severe and persistent behavioural problems. It is an individualised goal-orientated programme that helps parents to bring up their children safely, lovingly and with the confidence that they are doing the best by their children.

NEWS FLASH C4EO validates HFP!